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Skylook reinventing itself

I’ve been a keen user of a product called Skylook which I first encountered at CeBit. Skylook brings Skype and Outlook together seamlessly. Today, I was invited to try out the new skylook beta which includes a lot of really cool new functionality. I’m keen to try out the functionality that can phone you and use text-to-speech to alert you to Outlook notifications. I am often on the road, in meetings, or out of the office and this might actually help me remember all those meetings that I currently arrive late for, usualy sweating and cursing under my breath :)

The essence of the changes that have most impressed me is the change of focus. Skylook used to be a tool to use skype from Outlook. Now it is more than that. It is a tool that lets Outlook leverage skype. The PC user has been moved from being the Outlook user to being either the Outlook user or the person receiving the Skype call. Brilliant.

Also, I am running the Office 2007 beta and skylook works perfectly with the Outlook 2007.

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